From time to time some of our pots are available for sale, and this is where you will find them.

Prices start very low, and the quoted prices for post and packing are for insured, signed-for delivery services.

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Most of the Pottery Studio items are not for sale - they might have been sold already, not ours to sell, or just, well, not for sale. If an item does not appear in these Saleroom pages, please don't ask.

Items currently on offer

All the items in this list are available. When an item is sold it is automatically withdrawn from the list.

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Kenneth Townsend musician moneybox Cat. No. 6602. £50.00
Kenneth Townsend musician moneybox - Iden Pottery
Sharp Scottish black faced ewe Cat. No. 6906. £75.00
Sharp Scottish black faced ewe - Sharp, David
Poole winkle shell Cat. No. 6888. £30.00
Poole winkle shell - Poole Pottery
Watcombe nursery rhyme dishes Cat. No. 6413. £35.00
Watcombe nursery rhyme dishes - Watcombe Pottery
Two Merlin miniature jugs Cat. No. 6884. £15.00
Two Merlin miniature jugs - Merlin Pottery
Portmeirion oil and vinegar bottles Cat. No. 6886. £25.00
Portmeirion oil and vinegar bottles - Portmeirion
Devon Tors character mug Cat. No. 6873. £40.00
Devon Tors character mug - Torquay Potteries
Scott Marshall unmarked jug Cat. No. 6857. £60.00
Scott Marshall unmarked jug - Marshall, Scott
Cinque Ports lamp Cat. No. 6517. £50.00
Cinque Ports lamp - Cinque Ports Pottery
Daniel Whiddon jug Cat. No. 5831. £30.00
Daniel Whiddon jug - Devonmoor Art Pottery
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