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Index of Unidentified Pots


Agate dish
Albin Brekke pot
Austrian fish
Austrian four-handled pot
Austrian vase
Baluster vase
Banded jug
Banded yunomi
Bargeware tankard
Belgian dimpled vases
Big black pot
Black and blue jug
Blue floral dish
Blue pinched vase
Blue vase
Blue/green two-handled vase
Blue/grey studio bowl
Bowl on three feet
Bowl with two handles
Brown bowl with nice glaze
Brown floral jug
Brown mottled pot
Brown potpourri
Brush Decorated teapot
Brushed flower design bowl
Brushed teapot
Celadon fish bowl
Character mug
Circular dish
Continental jug
Corked miniature bottle
Country pottery pig
Crackly candlestick
Cuddly rodent
Cups and saucers
Cute elephant
Cylindrical pot
Danish figures
Danish goblet
Danish platter
Dark blue porcelain vase
Dark brown jug
Dark highly figured vase
Deco milk jug
Decorated bowl
Decorated plate marked C.W.T.
Decorated plate marked G.W.
Decorated teapot
Deep bowl
Deep pink bowl
Dish and two bowls
Dove of peace flask
Edwardian pot
Fat beer man
FB jug
Fish dish
Flat oval vase
Floral pot
Frog mug
G.J.C. vase
GB bowl
Ginger jar
Gladstone triple pot
Gourd vase
Green bowl
Green bowl
Green continental pot
Green decorated globe vase
Green jug
Green jug
Green jug with brown floral design
Green pot decorated with fruit
Green pot with angled handles
Green spotted wall pocket
Green thimble vase
Green vase
Green/white ashtray
Group of red French Liberty pots
Gurgle fish
Hand painted terracotta bottle
Hexagonal vase
Honey cloured jug
Horse's head
Incised yunomi
Italian Chicken
JDP vase
JG vase
Keith Wallis mug
Lady with shopping basket
Lamp base
Large brown bottle
Large spherical bowl
Large vase
Leaf dish
Leopard cub
Lidded jar with cane handle
Little round pot
Mad pot
Marbly vase
Mauve lustre art pot
Mel and Grijn
Miniature drippy vase
Miniature green jug
Mottled art vase
Mottled pot
Mug and bowl
Mystery ginger jar
Nigerian village pot
Nouveau vase
Oar bottle
Octagonal bowl
Old mottled European vase
Old stoneware pot with handle
Olive green bowl
Orange French Liberty pot
Orange/green pot
Pair of jugs
Pair of mugs
Pair of slip-decorated mugs
Pair of stoneware bottles
Peach stoneware vase
Pearly dish
Pink bowl
Porcelain flask
Porcelain studio pot
Porcelain vase
Pottery cat
Rectangular vase
Red/green mottled vase
Rodent moneybox
Salt and pepper pots
Seated man
Small decorated vase
Small decorative bowl
Small dish
Small faceted vase
Small lidded pot
Small red bowl
Small rich brown vase
Small round pot
Small studio bottle
Smooth brown bottle vase
Sprig decorated stoneware jug
Squat jug
Stoneware bottle
Stoneware dish
Stoneware Pitcher
Stoneware studio pot
Studio bottle
Studio coffee set
Studio pot
Sultana pot
Swedish lamp base
Tall green jug
Tall red bottle
Tenmoku teapot
Thistle vase
Three blue dishes
Three French Bowls
Turquoise vase
Turret vase
TW bowl
Two miniature vases
Two Norwegian plaques
Two oriental vases
Unmarked studio pot
Vase and bowl
Waisted vase
Wall hanging
Wavy line pot
Wax-resist bowl
Weird bowl
Welsh dish
Whisky jug
Yellow wall pocket

Leauger elephant