Thoune piggy bank

Thoune piggy bank

Thoune piggy bank - 3¼" (82 mm) long, 2⅛" (53 mm) high.

Your money has to come out the way it went in — there is no other opening!


Thoune, Thun, Thonne, Thuner Majolika - all the same thing; pottery from the place previously known as Heimberg in Switzerland. It is pronounced 'toon' as in Roger Rabbit.

It is attractive and highly distinctive intricately slip-decorated earthenware. The colours used are white, green, yellow, orange and blue, usually on a dark slip background which is often a deep, rich brown.

Many companies made Thoune pottery, mostly small concerns. A couple of dozen are still operating. The most sought-after artist potter is Johann Wanzenried, who was active in the nineteenth century.


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