Michael Andersen bottle vase

Michael Andersen bottle vase

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Michael Andersen bottle vase (mark)
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Michael Andersen bottle vase - 4" (101 mm) high. 1963.

Bornholms Keramik

Bornholmsk Keramik is a pottery in Bornholm, Denmark, There is a book published about the company, but from what we can find out, only in Danish. The following is from our own (quite possibly incorrect) translation . . .

    The name most associated with the company is Michael Andersen. The company has existed since 1890 and produces (or has produced) earthenware, faience and stoneware.

Perhaps someone who has read the book and has a better command of the language than we have can correct any mistakes we have made.

Bornholm is an island to the south of Sweden, best known for production of decorative glass wares.


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