Hamlyn St Leger bowl

Hamlyn St Leger bowl

Hamlyn St Leger bowl - 4¾" (120 mm) diameter, 1½" (38 mm) high. 1976.

This bowl was made in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the St Leger race meeting. It is one of a limited edition of forty and has a grubby card to proclaim the fact.

Hamlyn, Jane

Jane Hamlyn originally trained to be a nurse, but became interested in potting in 1968. She she attended adult education classes and then in 1972 took a course at Harrow School of Art.

In 1975 she set up Millfield Pottery near Doncaster. Since then she has worked full-time as a potter and established a fine reputation.

Jane specializes in salt glazed stoneware. Her work is thrown and hand-built, often highly decorated, and has been exhibited widely.


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