Horlock-Stringer goblets

Horlock-Stringer goblets

Horlock-Stringer goblets - 4½" (114 mm) high.

Horlock-Stringer, Harry

Harry Horlock-Stringer is a self-taught potter who has spent much of his life teaching others.

He had a workshop in the old Fulham Pottery in the 1950s, making earthenware pots. From there he moved to Taggs Yard in Barnes, south-west London, where he built his own school.

He experimented with his own glazes and firing techniques, and in the 1960s his interest in raku prompted him to write a book on the subject and also to design an electric raku kiln.

Harry, who is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association, was active in its development, serving on the Council for nine years. He edited the association's journal for a time. His work is exhibited widely, and he frequently lectures both in the UK and abroad.

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