Watcombe handled butter dish

Watcombe handled butter dish

Watcombe handled butter dish - 5¼" (133 mm) wide, 3¾" (95 mm) deep, 2¾" (69 mm) high.

Souvenir From the oldest
Chymist Shoppe in England
Knaresborough Yorkshire
Estd 1720

Help thiren to t' butter

Watcombe Pottery

Watcombe Pottery, originally known as The Watcombe Terra-Cotta Clay Company, was started by G J Allen in 1871 to use the red clay found around the area of Torquay in Devon.

The company very quickly established a reputation and its wares were exhibited internationally within a few years. The pottery expanded rapidly, employing a vast work force by the end of the decade.

The company was bought by Evans & Co in 1884 after the death of Allen, and in 1901 was acquired by Hexter, Humpherson & Co, who amalgamated it with Aller Vale Pottery. The new pottery was known as Royal Aller Vale & Watcombe Co.

The company continued to produce pottery until 1962.

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