Braunton mug

Braunton mug

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Braunton mug (mark)
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Braunton mug - 4" (101 mm) high.

Braunton Pottery

Braunton Pottery was established in 1912 at Station Road, Braunton, Devon. The pottery was built and run by William Fishley Holland, grandson of Edwin Beer Fishley, for its owner, a solicitor by the name of Hooper. It was here that Michael Cardew was taught to throw by 'Willie'.

Except for a short break for service in the first world war William ran Braunton until 1921. The pottery was undoubtedly successful, but the owner, Hooper, went bankrupt. Fishley Holland wanted to take over the business, but it was sold to W H Garnish and William went off to Clevedon to start the Fishley Holland Pottery.

Garnish was a Barnstaple potter from William Baron's Rolle Quay Pottery. He was sufficiently astute to continue making the designs that were made popular by Fishley Holland, and ran the pottery until his retirement in 1959 when he handed it over to Henry Chichester and Frederick Luscombe. Chichester had worked for Garnish for over thirty years.

The pottery closed in 1971.

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