Oval Zsolnay dish (mark)

Oval Zsolnay dish (mark)

Oval Zsolnay dish (mark)


The Zsolnay factory was set up in 1862 at Pécs, Hungary, for Ignaz Zsolnay to produce creamware. The project was funded by his father who, when Ignaz failed to make a success of the business, transferred the running of the factory to Ignaz's brother, Vilmos.

Towards the end of the 19th century traditional designs gave way to influences from the middle- and far-east, and Vinsce Wartha took time out from his duties at the University of Budapest to develop a red iridescent glaze for the company which was in use by the turn of the century. Gold lustre was used and became something of a trademark.

Various members of the Zsolnay family worked as decorators and designers. Miklós Zsolnay took over the running of the company in 1900, and Laszlo Mattayasoveszky-Zsolnay became artistic director in 1922. In 1949 Zsolnay became a nationalized company.

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